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#BeInspired - Christmas: What have you brought for me

Christmas Theme: What Have You Brought For Me? Written by Maryam Otsokwa

Everyone is preparing for Christmas. New dresses and suits, shoes, make up, jewelries, hair, and lots more. A very important person is celebrating His birthday. Not celebrating with him is like being the odd one in a thousand people. It is just few days away. The man celebrating is so happy! Virtually the whole world are calling His name and preparing to celebrate His remembrance but He is only wondering if someone would be thoughtful enough to bring a gift for Him.

Yay! Its Christmas season. Just few days to Christmas. Aren’t we all glad? We have got all our activities planned out right? Time out with family, eating and drinking, going to different fun places, (for some) going to church, and lots of other amazing things.

It is the birthday of Jesus Christ– though you cannot number his age since He is the ancient of days. Christmas is only a remembrance of His birthday. We are all attending the party in different places of the world He created. When we prepare to go for birthday parties, don’t we also prepare gifts? So how is it that we are preparing for the birthday of Christ and many are not preparing to give him anything? Some are not even thinking of going to His house – Church. When the three wise men were going to greet and worship Him at the manger, they took Gold, Frankincense an d myrrh. The question is: what gift are you giving Jesus this season?

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Try not to be among those who celebrate blindly without knowing the true reason for Christmas. Please if you have not thought of anything special to give to our Lord Jesus Christ, it is not too late to prepare something. Do not attend His party empty handed. Bring a gift for Him, no matter how little..- according to what you can afford. He will appreciate it. This is what God is saying to you this season.   

Merry Christmas!!!

Written by Maryam Otsokwa


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