O’Nifemi Releases New Music I Hail You.


NEW MUSIC: O’Nifemi – I Hail You

NEW MUSIC: O’Nifemi - I Hail You

NEW MUSIC: O’Nifemi – I Hail You

When a man makes up his mind not to do a certain thing based on a certain reason, but someone later comes in to sing the eulogy of him, his mind becomes naturally calm and would easily have a change in his thought.
God has made us who we are to render unto Him what He can’t offer Himself, which is praise and worship. So anytime we are found in the act of eulogising God through our worship, He shows forth Himself mightily in all kinds of situations.

I Hail You by O’NIFEMI is a spiritual song that simply describes the magnanimity of God, proclaiming His mighty works, and celebrating His faithfulness.
This song would surely make you worship God deeper and by so doing, having your testimonies delivered to you.

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